Thoratec Sterile Packaging

TEQ delivers award winning sterile packaging solution for Thoratec.


Put an end to the quality issues Thoratec was experiencing with its HeartMate sterile packaging. Due to warped flanges, thin spots and inclusions/ imperfections in the plastic, multiple lots were rejected causing waste in time and materials. In addition, the package consisted of three parts mated together, and parts from different lots needed to be interchangeable to create the final package.


TEQ created a more sophisticated tool for the job – with state-of-the-art plug assist material, special coding, heated cut dies and special mold finish (for better release of snaps). The existing tool was also converted from male to female for better sealing and flange thickness distribution and a superior monitoring process was put in place.


Virtually no quality issues and a dramatic reduction in rejected production lots.
A marked increase of quality in form, fit and function (uniform/ flat flanges, good sealing characteristics, and good material distribution from cavity to cavity/ production lot to production lot).

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