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We work hard to develop new and better systems, and make them easy for you to implement.

At TEQ, when we see a need in the market, we work hard to develop a cost-effective solution. But we don’t stop there. We make sure our customers can use it.

For example, when the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) recently highlighted the fact that hospitals produce over 5.9M tons of waste each year with very little being recycled, we knew we could do something to help.

The challenge was clear – most sterile barrier solutions consists of more than one material, and medical staff simply don’t have time to separate lids and trays for recycling.

In response to this issue, we developed TEQethylene™, a 100% recyclable medical packaging solution that uses proprietary blend of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) in combination with adhesive coated TYVEK®, a breathable HDPE thermoplastic lidding developed by DuPont™.

TEQethylene has also proven to be a cost effective option for medical packaging—with Resin Cost significantly below that for PETG, Part Cost well below that for PETG and HIPS and a Yield far greater than PETG or HIPS.

TEQethylene vs. PETG and HIPS


This new blend of HDPE not only has less environmental impact than other materials, but also offers many additional benefits over conventional HDPE such as better clarity and durability. Plus, customers that move from using a material like PETG or HIPS to TEQethylene can save up to 40% on production costs.

Next, knowing that one of the biggest obstacles to incorporating advanced thermoforming materials like TEQethylene into medical packaging designs is the time and resources needed to conduct a stability study to meet the requirements of ISO 11607-1:2006, we also enlisted the support of our partners, Curt Larsen and John Spitzley, principals at Spartan Design Group who developed the ISO 11607 standard, to provide our customers with the stability data and laboratory documents they need to meet these requirements and justify new packaging designs.

Finally, for customers who are searching for an even more cost effective alternative, without sacrificing the system’s structural and environmental benefits, we enlisted the support of our partners at Belco Packaging and Technipaq and worked together to develop TEQconnex™, which replaces the adhesive coating on the Tyvek lid of the TEQethylene package with a co-extruded heat seal layer.

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