Our trays and lids have a special bond.

Developed in conjunction with our partners at Belco Packaging and Technipaq, TEQconnex™ is the next evolution of our TEQethylene™ Sterile Barrier System (SBS) Solution now with a co-extruded heat seal layer in place of adhesive coating on the Tyvek® lidding.

The result of this unique bonding solution is a 100% recyclable system per FTC guidelines that offers:

  • Elimination of adhesive flaking often caused during shipping, sterilization or the heat sealing process
  • ISO 11607-1:2006(R) 2010 compliant sterilization and biocompatibility testing by Spartan Design Group
  • Shorter ETO sterilization cycles for the complete system
  • Double sided printing capabilities
  • Total package costs savings

Plus, because current TEQethylene customers can leverage existing tooling they can easily transition to a TEQconnex solution and save even more. 

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