Supply Chain

TEQ Clean Room Roll Material
TEQ can help you form a solution for improving efficiency.

At TEQ, we do more than build supply chain network solutions, we manage them. That means we work with you from start to finish to ensure a streamlined workflow is put into action. One that is designed to help you achieve your lean manufacturing and sustainability goals, not to mention improve your bottom line.

Our experienced team has the proven ability to:

  • Audit existing processes
  • Build streamlined workflows design to
    • Reduce waste
    • Decrease transportation costs
    • Eliminate the expense of excess inventory
    • Avoid the expense of production delays
    • Optimize your distribution network
  • Create and validate custom tools and equipment
  • Strategically identify partners for execution of key steps
  • Build and manage on-site clean rooms and manufacturing facilities
  • “Onshore” manufacturing operations to the U.S.
  • Successfully manage the entire supply chain
  • Fill a key role in the manufacturing process
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