When you work with TEQ, you’re always in good form.

Our meticulously maintained work environment is home to our dedicated and highly-trained TEQnicians who form over 25 materials on all-electric high speed pressure forming state-of-the-art machines. Each one electronically controlled to maintain temperature, vacuum pressure and timing for precise repeatable performance. TEQ utilizes all electric servo Kiefel thermoformers that provide superior processing speeds, quality and process control, and consume much less power than traditional thermoforming equipment making them an important contributor to our Green initiative.

TEQ created a 3-in-1 tooling system. In addition to the traditional forming and cutting tools a stacker tool or pick in place robot arm is utilized to ensure efficient and precise handling of parts. Vision systems can also be added to further ensure that only conforming product is packed and shipped.

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Subsidiary of ESCO Technologies
What Others Have to Say
"Because of TEQ's extensive experience, in-house tooling capabilities, and superior knowledge, they can work with just about any product that can be thermoformed."

- Markus Zlotosch, (VP, Sales & Service) Kiefel Technologies