Our customers like how we operate.

It’s the combination of our highly-specialized team, our solutions-driven process and our state-of-the-art technologies, that ensures TEQ has seemingly limitless capabilities to deliver.

Our sales professionals and design engineers are Certified Packaging Professionals (CPP) by the IOPP and employ our documented process to deliver a high-quality product with renowned support.

TEQ’s operating procedures guarantee each work cell has at least one “lean certified” member to support our Lean manufacturing program plus experience with other processes such as assembly, welding and sealing.

We use highly-efficient, high-speed pressure forming Kiefel machines that generate less waste. In fact, we have the largest installation of Kiefel machines in the US. We have chosen Kiefel as a partner because of:

  • Process control and repeatability
  • Forming cycle times
  • Tool exchange speed and precision
  • Die cutting tolerances and die life
  • Automated parts handling
  • Modular design
  • US-based service, support and training
  • Higher efficiency and greater output than traditional equipment (Green)

All plant operations are registered to ISO 9001 and a secondary plant (for medical device manufacture) is one of the only custom thermoforming facility registered ISO 13485 facility in the US.

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Subsidiary of ESCO Technologies
What Others Have to Say
"Because of TEQ's extensive experience, in-house tooling capabilities, and superior knowledge, they can work with just about any product that can be thermoformed."

- Markus Zlotosch, (VP, Sales & Service) Kiefel Technologies