TEQ Medical Supply Chain

We make medical thermoforming projects more efficient.

Finding ways to meet lean manufacturing and sustainability goals, while increasing efficiencies and controlling costs has never been more important for medical device manufacturers.

Experts in medical thermoforming as well as onshoring strategy development, supply chain network management and on-site clean room management, TEQ can work with you from start to finish to ensure that a streamlined workflow is put into action.

This can include:

  • Creating and validating custom tools
  • Identifying strategic partners for execution of key steps
  • Building a turnkey modular manufacturing solution
  • Developing a streamlined workflow to meet sustainability goals by reducing waste, decreasing transportation costs and eliminating excess inventory

And, at TEQ we do this all while filling a key role in the medical device manufacturing and packaging process – which means you can be certain we will not only be there to manage costs and lead times, but also to make sure your project is on track to meet quality expectations.

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Have a complex thermoforming challenge? Find out how we can help with:

  • Cost-savings
  • Sustainability solutions
  • On-site clean room management
  • Lean supply chain management
  • ISO 11607 compliance