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To get optimum results from our advanced equipment requires the best people for the job, and we have them, our highly-trained TEQnologists.

Meet just a few of our TEQnologists below.

Randall Loga


In his very first year in the Medical Device Packaging business, Mr. Loga launched 54 medical tools. And in the 20 years since, he hasn’t slowed down a bit. He’s implemented technology, quality and cost improvements at every job during his career–many during his 15 years at TEQ and he’s known for his “passion and creativity”. Mr. Loga came to TEQ because he saw a company with “the equipment, facilities and culture geared for continuous improvement and exceeding customer expectations.” And with him at the helm, TEQ will constantly be striving to stay exactly that.

Todd McDonald

Director of Sales and Marketing

A creative, customer-based problem solver, Mr. McDonald has over 19 years of industry experience. Starting as a designer, he moved onto engineering project management, then transitioned into sales. It is this diverse background that gives Mr. McDonald a “unique, multi-faceted understanding of the business” that generates unexpected, smart solutions. An understanding that drew Mr. McDonald to TEQ in April of 2011 because of TEQ’s “breadth of services offered as well as the flexibility to tailor an approach to each customer’s needs”. Which is funny because that’s exactly what drew TEQ to him.

Paul Sepe

VP Finance and Administration

A financial guru known as much for his integrity and values as for his business prowess, Mr. Sepe has almost 30 years of experience in his field. Through his relentless drive and passion, Mr. Sepe worked his way from Director of Financial Reporting to VP/CFO at Filtertek Inc and now provides invaluable financial leadership to the TEQ team as VP of Finance and Administration. Having worked at other ESCO subsidiaries, Mr. Sepe was attracted to TEQ by the people – a team who clearly shared his affinity for resourceful problem solving and superior customer service. Known for consistently doing the right thing, Mr. Sepe has both the can-do attitude and the expertise to leave a lasting and positive impact wherever he goes.

Peter Jasinski

Director of Operations

Whether he is playing ice hockey or managing projects and promoting corporate change, Mr. Jasinski always keeps his eye on the goal. A technical and mechanical champion, Mr. Jasinski oversees manufacturing, production scheduling and maintenance operations at our main facility. Relying on his nearly 20 years of industry experience and his relentless passion for improving efficiency and customer satisfaction, he has coached TEQ through significantly reducing our carbon footprint as well as upgrading our infrastructure for future success. With his proven track record and first-hand Kiefel experience, we are certainly glad Mr. Jasinski is on our team.

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What Others Have to Say
"Outstanding people with a “can do” attitude toward taking care of our customers are at the heart of TEQ."

- Tim Collins, Account Manager, TEQ